“We commit to maintaining a
high standard of corporate governance

We protect shareholders’ interests and create sustainable value and returns for
shareholders through strong transparency measures and good corporate governance

Geo Energy Resources Limited (the “Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance. The Company understands that good corporate governance is an integral element of a sound corporation and enables it to be more transparent and forward-looking. In addition, sound corporate governance is an effective safeguard against fraud and dubious financial engineering and hence helps to protect shareholders; interests. It also helps the Company to create long-term value and returns for its shareholders.

The Company is pleased to report on its corporate governance processes and activities as required by the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the “Code”). Where there are deviations from any of the principles and guidelines as set out in the Code, an explanation has been provided within this report.