How We Do It

“Transformation into a nimble and competitive
business model by changing from a mining services
operator to a low-cost coal producer”

We have strong business relationships and strategic partnerships with the major players in the industry.
✔Outsourced mining services to one of the largest mining services company.
✔Coal sales off-take and prepayments with major international commodity trading houses.



Mining contractor – SDJ

Awarded a more than US$ 400 million mining services contract over the Life of Mine (LOM) on the SDJ coal mine. Commenced production in late 2015.

Mining contractor – TBR, others
(BUMA or Others)

Signed agreement with BUMA for the mining services contract over the LOM on the TBR coal mine. This contract has an estimated contract value of over US$500 million. The development of the mine and its first coal production is expected to be in 2Q 2018.

Current Sales Off-takers – SDJ and TBR
(Trafigura and Macquarie Bank)

Trafigura and Macquarie Bank buys the entire production of coal from SDJ and TBR less its domestic market obligations, respectively. They both provided prepayment facilities, and Macquarie Bank subscribed to Geo Energy’s shares as well as provided a trade finance facility.

Current Sales Off-takers – Others

Continue to build relationships with potential off-takers for coal exports for other mines, such as STT and any mines that we acquire in the future. We expect similar structuring to what we have arranged with Trafigura and Macquarie Bank.