Internasional Prima Coal (49%-Owned)

IPC covers a total of 3,238 ha of land located in the Handil Bhakti Bantuas sub-district and Palaran sub-district of Samarinda City, East Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. IPC holds an Operation Production IUP effective through 30 November 2026.

Name of Asset/Country: IPC Coal Mining Concession/Indonesia

2P Coal Reserves
Tonnagekt 6.547
Coal Quality
Total Moisture%ar26.75
Inherent Moisture%adb16.20
Volatile Matter%adb39.39
Total Sulfur%adb0.48
In-situ Density  1.26
Calorific ValueKcal/kgadb5.611

Notes :

Based on the Committee's Public Reporting Code (Together) Indonesian Mineral Reserves (KCMI) 2017 edition, dated 31 August 2022.