“A low-cost Indonesian coal producer employing

sustainable mining techniques”

GEO ENERGY GROUP is a coal mining group, established since 2008, with offices in Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia and production operations in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Geo Energy has been listed on Singapore Stock Exchange’s main board (Stock Code: RE4) since 2012 and is part of the Singapore FTSE index.

Geo Energy has transitioned from being primarily a coal mining services provider to a coal producer that subcontracts its coal mining operation. This transition has allowed the Group to change the business model from operating as a relatively small scale mining services provider in an environment of high capital expenditure and relatively low operational efficiency, with high dependence on owners of coal mining concessions, to being a low-cost coal producer with high-quality coal mining assets, working in collaboration with word-class business partners, such as BUMA (primary coal mining services provider), and Macquarie (primary offtaker of coal produced from TBR mine), and Trafigura (primary offtaker of coal produced from SDJ mine).

Geo Energy owns four mining concessions through its wholly-owned subsidiaries PT Bumi Enggang Khatulistiwa (“BEK”), PT Sungai Danau Jaya (“SDJ”), PT Tanah Bumbu Resources (“TBR”) and PT Surya Tambang Tolindo (“STT”) in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

SDJ and TBR, adjacent to each other, benefit from favourable mining and geological conditions, with relatively thin layers of overburden and thick horizontal coal seams, which allow for efficient and low-cost mining. The SDJ and TBR mines have sub-bituminous, low-ash and low-sulphur coal with calorific values of around 4,200 kcal/kg, with an average stripping ratio of less than 3.5.

BEK and STT mining concessions are located in Kutai Barat, East Kalimantan. Coal mining operations at BEK mine was commenced in February 2012 and placed under care and maintenance in September 2014. However, in late 2017, mining operations has recommenced. STT coal mining concession area is currently undeveloped, with the Group in discussions with various parties on potential cooperation with regard to the development of the STT mine.

Geo Energy remains committed to sustainable growth and enhancing shareholder value. The Group will continue to pursue opportunities to expand the mining operations and in growing the coal reserves through strategic acquisitions or vertical integration.

Geo Energy employs the open pit mining method, where the topsoil and rock overburden are removed to expose the coal and facilitate its extraction. This is done by excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks. The overburden removed is transported to the designated dumping areas and is subsequently used in our Group’s land reclamation and rehabilitation activities.

By using excavators, the coal is extracted and loaded onto dump trucks for haulage. Our Group together with our mining contractor generally operates on a system of two work shifts of 10 hours per day.

Coal is transported by dump trucks to the barge loading port which is generally within close proximity of coal mining sites. Close proximity reduces transportation costs while increasing operational efficiency.

Coal is off-loaded from the dump trucks onto a conveyor belt which feeds it into the crusher where it is crushed. Our Group delivers and sells coal on either Free-on-Board (FOB) barge or mother vessel basis.

The land is reclaimed by depositing the overburden onto mined-out areas. Rehabilitation of the reclaimed land is carried out by the spreading of topsoil on the surface of the overburden deposition and the planting of native plants.