“At Geo Energy, we believe in “Growing Up Together in Harmony”,
with all our stakeholders including employees, offtakers,
contractors, and the community.”


Geo Energy is committed to continuous improvements in health and safety standards of our operations. We seek to minimise the risk of accidents, injuries and illnesses to our employees, contractors and local communities through close monitoring of our operations.

We adopt a comprehensive safety management system for our mining operations, which includes safety management plans, rules, codes of practice, manuals and procedures with which our employees are required to comply.

To familiarise our workforce with our health and safety rules, drills incorporating our Group’s fundamental safety procedures are carried out as often as practicably possible to inculcate our employees with an understanding of safety culture and procedures. Training on basic safety skills and procedures are conducted for our workforce including those employed from the local communities.

On a regular basis, we conduct internal safety checks to ensure compliance by our staff. Safety officers are stationed on-site at each of our mining sites to monitor the work procedures of the employees with the aim of identifying shortfalls in our health and safety procedures. Where shortfalls are identified, countermeasures are taken or new policies are introduced to eliminate the risk.

Our emphasis on safety first and the health of our workers have resulted in a rare occurrence of accidents at our mines. All our employees have a mandate to achieve zero injuries and fatalities amongst our workforce. Based on our internal safety and health records to date, we are pleased to report that there were no major injuries or fatalities in 2016.