“At Geo Energy, we believe in “Growing Up Together in Harmony”,
with all our stakeholders including employees, offtakers,
contractors, and the community.”


Since the commencement of our operations, Geo Energy has been steadfastly committed to achieving high standards of environmental management at the mines where we operate. Environmental management is another aspect of good governance which must be addressed well, in order to enhance our overall performance.

Our Group, together with our business partner – BUMA, has formulated comprehensive post-mining reclamation and rehabilitation plans to manage the environment in which we carry out our mining operations. Our plans take into consideration the geological characteristics of our mining sites in order to better manage the environment. It is our Group’s plan to rehabilitate land as soon as it is no longer mined rather than wait until the end of mine life. Our land reclamation activities involve the deposit of the overburden onto mined-out areas and our rehabilitation activities involve the spreading of topsoil over the surface of the overburden deposited and the planting of native plants to restore and enhance the environment.

Our environmental management strategies and goals also include effective air and water pollution control measures, proper handling and disposal of hazardous and poisonous waste, and continuous improvement to our resource efficiency. Removal of oil and other pollutants, testing of acidity level and treatment are carried out before the disposal of waste water. Other types of waste such as used oil, scrap metal and worn tyres are brought to designated dump sites at the mine site to be collected and removed by third party contractors periodically. During the dry season, water trucks are deployed to spray sections of coal haulage roads (which are largely dirt roads or earth roads) located near the homes of the local communities in order to reduce dust pollution. Face masks are also distributed to local residents to help reduce their exposure to dust. Geo Energy, together with our mining contractor, regularly carry out fogging activities at the surrounding areas of our mine site to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes which may cause many diseases.

The Environmental Control Agency (Badan Lingkungan Hidup Daerah) (“BLHD”), the government agency responsible for implementing the Government’s environmental regulations and policies, and other local government agencies supervise our mining operations. BLHD coordinates its activities with various government agencies, including the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. We subject our mining operations to periodic internal and external environmental audits. Our internal environmental team conducts internal environmental audits, while BLHD conducts external environmental audits. Together, we work to improve our procedures and ensure that our Group is in adherence to the prescribed policies. In 2016, we did not receive any major formal complaints relating to environmental pollution by our Group.