“At Geo Energy, we believe in “Growing Up Together in Harmony”,
with all our stakeholders including employees, offtakers,
contractors, and the community.”

Geo Energy believes in creating a positive and lasting social impact on the communities around the environment where we operate. As we continue to care for the local communities, we are able to develop successful partnerships based on mutual understanding, trust and respect. Together, we work hand in hand to identify and evaluate the needs of the community as well as the actual and potential social consequences of our operations at every stage of the mine’s life cycle. This allows us to focus our CSR efforts on improving the livelihood of these communities, in addition to protecting the environment around the mining sites, as described above.

Community involvement is at the cornerstone of our employment policy at our mines. We employ local workers and provide these workers with relevant training and skills development. We also seek to support and promote local businesses and economic activity by engaging them as suppliers. We currently procure mainly food supplies from local suppliers around our mine sites.

In addition to economic empowerment, we are committed to improve the general living standards of the local communities. Together with the project managers on-site, our community development personnel invest time and effort in building relationships with local residents. Through regular interactions with them, we are able to identify the needs of the local communities and partner with them to address those needs where practicably possible. We also hold regular meetings with representatives of each village to discuss the progress and implementation of our community assistance plans as well as to address any issues, concerns or complaints that may have arisen. Our community assistance efforts include making donations in kind to local schools (including providing building materials to build/repair school premises) as well as supporting any social or religious events of the communities.

One such effort in building relationship with the local community was the visit to Nurul Iman orphanage at site in July 2016, where our staff spent time and broke fast together with the children and their staff members. Donations were also made in the form of sarongs for each child.

Our on-site personnel also held breaking fast sessions together with members of three mosques surrounding our mine site, to whom we also made a donation in the form of two prayer mats for each of the mosques.

In December 2016, our staff members from the corporate office in Jakarta visited the local Uswatun Hassanah orphanage, which houses hundreds of children between pre-elementary school and high school ages, where they spent time getting to know, play with and have meals together with the children. Donations were also made to the orphanage in the form of basic necessities, such as rice, eggs, cooking oil and sugar, among other things.